Recommended Reading

Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Secret Danger of Everyday Things (Counterpoint Press 2010) by Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie.
For four days, these authors ingested and inhaled a host of chemicals via everyday products like cosmetics. The book ā€” the testimony of their experience ā€” exposes the extent to which we are poisoned every day of our lives, from the simple household dust that is polluting our blood to the toxins in our urine from run-of-the-mill shampoos and toothpaste.

There’s Lead in Your Lipstick (Penguin Canada 2010)
by Gillian Deacon.

We know all about lead in lipstick! The research was pioneered by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics in 2007, then followed up by FDA. So what more is there to say? Gillian Deacon finds plenty. In her brave book, Gillian, an award-winning broadcast journalist in Canada, details her own struggle with cancer and her journey to find safer products, and presents in-depth research about what’s wrong with the way beauty products are made today.

The Body Toxic: How the Hazardous Chemistry of Everyday Things Threatens our Health and Well-Being (North Point Press 2008)
by Nena Baker
Investigative journalist Nena Baker explores the chemicals getting into our bodies, the everyday products that deliver the chemicals and the government policies that allow these potentially harmful products to be sold. We are running a collective chemical fever that we cannot break. Everyone everywhere now carries a dizzying array of chemical contaminants, the by-products of modern industry and innovation, that contribute to a host of developmental deficits and health problems in ways just now being understood.

Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products and What’s at Stake for American Power (Chelsea Green Publishing 2007)
by Mark Schapiro
Exposed shows that, short of strong government intervention, America will lose whatever claim it has to commercial supremacy. Increasingly, its products are equated with serious health hazards.

Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry (New Society Publishers 2007)
by Stacy Malkan
This inside story of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, written by Campaign co-founder Stacy Malkan, received a 2008 Silver Medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards. The book tells the inside story of the unprecedented research and advocacy efforts of the group of women who created the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and built a national movement to shift the $50 billion beauty industry away from harmful chemicals and toward safer products. Purchase though this link and the Campaign will receive a portion of the proceeds.

Poisoned Profits: The Toxic Assault on our Children (Random House 2008)
by Phillip Shabecoff and Alice Shabecoff
In this shocking and sobering book, journalists Alice Shabecoff and Philip Shabecoff directly and definitively link industrial toxins to the current rise in childhood disease and death. This is an eye-opening account of a country that prizes money over children’s health.

Safe Trip to Eden: Ten Steps to Save Planet Earth from the Global Warming Meltdown (Running Press 2007)
by David Steinman
Steinman uncovers the links between petrochemical dependence and the health of the planet and its inhabitants. Safe Trip to Eden includes a chapter on the cancer-causing chemical contaminant 1,4-dioxane in baby bath products.

The Secret History of the War on Cancer (Basic Books 2007)
by Devra Davis
Dr. Davis shows how the War on Cancer has targeted the disease and left off the table the things that cause it ā€” tobacco, alcohol, the workplace and other environmental hazards.