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Cindy Gordish

A cancer survivor switches to healthy makeup

As a victim of skin allergies and allergens of the eye, I have always been very careful of what I put on my skin and what products I use.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a mastectomy, 4 months of chemotherapy, and reconstruction. Chemotherapy is toxic to every fiber of your body, including your skin. When people read about losing your hair, you lose your hair. Every last hair you own. Several times.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with squamous cell skin cancer on my right leg, then my left leg with precancerous conditions on my face.

Along with all of this, many things cause my eyes to swell and itch. I am allergic to so many things.

I have searched and searched for things that won’t hurt my skin, try to help my skin, keep it moisturized and healthy looking.

On a flight to Dallas, my sister met a very nice lady who knew two lovely ladies who owned a salon in Ferndale, Michigan. Hence, I was introduced to Eve Organics. That was about 18 months ago. I had a makeover demonstration, got some products and went home and threw away everything in my cosmetic cupboard. To this day I use nothing but Eve Organics. It is pure, natural and no allergens to make my eyes swell.

The colors are wonderful, nice smell; the products have it all.

Thank you Eve Organics.



Ondria Phakamile-el

Perfect colors… without the chemical irritation!

I had trouble finding makeup for my skin tone for years. I used Fashion Fair which is designed specifically for women of color. Yet, their cosmetics caused my skin to break out due to the myriad of chemicals in their products. I tried MAC which touts a “perfect match” for women of brown hues yet, when I tried their products my skin looked grey and it did not match at all.

When I decided to change my lifestyle and become more conscious of what foods I was putting in my body, I decided to also be more conscious of what skin care products and hair care products I was using also. I began looking for all natural/organic makeup and I ran into the same issues. I tried BareMinerals, though, their makeup did not break out my skin, it made my skin look red.

I had just about given up when I came across Eve Organics on the internet. As you would assume I was very skeptical, yet, what drew me to them was that I could order a sample and then if I liked it I could order more! I thought,”How revolutionary!” So, I tried the sample and was wonderfully surprised. The color I choose based on their description fit me perfectly and my color is Chocolate, which by the way, is my husband’s nickname for me!

In addition to the color matching perfectly, the condition of my skin IMPROVED!!!! I was so pleasantly surprised I will not use any other makeup on my skin from now on!! Thank you, Eve Organics.

Kathryn from Chesterfield, MI

Organic ingredients help calm acne-prone skin

Last summer I turned 21 years old. I had spent my teen years fighting what every teenage woman dreads, acne. My mom struggled with acne as a young adult as well and was very adamant about making sure that I didn’t face the same struggles.

The teen years are hard enough and having acne takes a toll on one’s self esteem. She immediately made appointments for me with a local dermatologist. I was given creams, lotions, special soap and peels throughout the next few years, only to have the small acne bumps return without fail. It was a very frustrating process and was hard at times to deal with.

Last summer, my sister talked to me about the Eve Organics make-up company that she heard about from a friend. She offered to make an appointment for me because she had begun using the make-up and fell in love with the products.

My sister and I have very different skin. Hers is dry with little acne and mine is the opposite. She had switched, not only for the better ingredients, but for the overall look and feel of the make-up. She has a scar that was always hard for her to cover and is a very sensitive issue for her. I decided that if this was something that made her feel so confident that I would be willing to give it a try.

After my initial consultation, I was instantly in love with the lightness and overall feeling of the make-up. The coverage was great even though you use such a small amount! I decided to purchase a few of the Eve Orgnaics items and started using them the next day.

After about a month of using the make-up, my face cleared up and started having a smoother look to it. I could not have been more thrilled! I stopped using a majority of the creams and lotions from the dermatologist and everyone could see how my confidence was growing on a daily basis. People in my family started to notice and I became a true believer. Organic makeup does make a difference!

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