Dirty Dozen Toxic Ingredients


MACOMB, MI – Is your makeup killing you? Hidden chemical ingredients in every day skin care products and cosmetics have been recently linked to cancer and other major health conditions. A local company, Eve Organics of Macomb Twp., MI offers women a safe alternative to these potentially hazardous products.

Some of the ingredients commonly used in skin care products have been known to cause damage in a variety of ways. In an effort to educate women, Eve Organics has compiled a “Dirty Dozen” list of ingredients that are commonly found in every-day health and beauty products, along with the risks associated with each one.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has compiled a database of thousands of skin care products, rating each product’s safety risks based on the ingredients it contains. According to the EWG Safe Cosmetics Database, found at www.safecosmetics.org, Eve Organics is rated one of the safest skin care and mineral makeup companies.

The recent surge in mineral makeup popularity has caused many companies to cut the pure minerals with inferior ingredients to increase their profits. Sharron Pinheiro, co-founder of Eve Organics stated, “with the mineral makeup industry booming, it is more important than ever to know what you’re applying to your skin. As with our skin care products, Eve Organics’ mineral makeup is free of parabens, preservatives, chemicals, and bismuth oxychloride (known to cause skin reactions, clog and enlarge pores).”

“There is light at the end of the tunnel,” Pinheiro remarked, “I think there is a lot of good news in parts of the cosmetic industry. With more information than ever on the internet and in the news, consumers are able to choose safer products and to support the companies they agree with.”

According to Pinheiro, “My partner Heather and I were not happy with the status quo in the skin care and cosmetic arena. We wanted to start a company that provides safe skin care. We also wanted to educate women; most have no idea this ingredient mis-information exists.”

On September 19, the non-profit organization ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic Social Services) is holding a lead workshop to educate Arab and immigrant women on the hazards of using real kohl eyeliner, which is known to have many impurities. “The (use of) real kohl as eye makeup can contribute to lead poisoning,” stated Nicole Elhardt, Environmental Assistant of ACCESS. Eve Organics is donating lead-free eye makeup to support ACCESS’ lead poisoning awareness education. ACCESS is planning a safe cosmetics workshop at the end of October, which will focus on skin care and cosmetic ingredient safety.

Eve Organics is a member of the Organic Trade Association, the Indie Beauty Network, Co-Op America Business Network, and has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and the Truth in Labeling Pledge. All but one of their skin care lines are Certified Vegan. Their company philosophy is to provide their customers with the finest organic skin care products and mineral makeup and to educate about the lack of regulation in the cosmetic industry so that women can make an educated choice about the products they purchase. Women can now choose to be healthy and beautiful.

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